The Majority of Health Plans Will Have to Pay The Cadillac Tax

According to a study conducted by Towers Watson, more than 60% of large employers will be hit with the “Cadillac Plan” excise tax by the provision’s 2018 effective date. The provision, included in the recently enacted health care reform bill, levies a 40% non-deductible excise tax on the annual value of health plan costs if […]

Results Of New SHRM Survey On Benefits

A recent survey of 534 randomly selected members of the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) showed that over 60% reported that the current recession has caused their organization’s employee benefit offerings to suffer. Data was gathered on 279 different benefits. The findings were released at SHRM’s 62nd Annual Conference and Exposition in San Diego earlier […]

Section 105(h) Non Discrimination Rules For Fully Insured Plans

Discrimination in regards to benefits and eligibility in favor of highly compensated workers by self funded health plans has long been prohibited by Section 105(h) of the Internal Revenue Code. Failing to meet the mandates will cause taxation for the highly compensated personnel. For example, suppose a highly compensated executive is promised benefits for life […]

Health Plan Administration For Hospitals-Part II

Health and Wellness Integration Integrating health and wellness into your benefit plan is much more than just integrating the data. Yes, you need to integrate the data, but you also need to integrate the hospital’s culture, community resources and your knowledge of health care. You do this by first aligning your extensive health care resources […]

Health Plan Administration For Hospitals

When it comes to group medical benefits, hospitals are in a unique position. After all, not only are they the client but they are also the provider. On top of that, their employees are the consumers of the plan. Because of this uniqueness, it is not only important to completely understand the process the hospital […]

The Role of The Insurance Broker With Your Health Plan

Do you have a method for selecting your broker or consultant?  Or a method to evaluate them?  Have you ever wondered how much they are compensated by insurance companies, and if this compensation affects your plan costs? A broker or consultant is very influential to a company’s employee benefit plans and associated costs.  Employee benefits […]

The Role of PBMs In Your Group Health PLan

While coping with transparency requirements, changing Medicare Part D legislation and consumer-driven health care initiatives, pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) are playing an ever-increasing role in helping large-scale employers control their prescription drug spend, as well as maximize employee/patient outcomes. With health care costs typically rising annually at double-digit percentages, most large-scale employers turn to pharmacy […]

Workplace Alcohol Programs Save Employers Money

In the fight against rising health care costs, employers have a simple and highly effective tool in their arsenal:  workplace alcohol screening and treatment programs, administered through employee assistance programs (EAP’s).  In fact, research by Ensuring Solutions to Alcohol Problems at the George Washington University Medical Center shows that investing in alcohol screening and treatment […]