New Poll on What Likely Voters Think of Health Care Reform

A recent AP poll has found that likely voters in the November 2nd election are evenly split on whether the health care reform law enacted earlier this year should be repealed or “tweaked”. Among the likely voters, 36 percent said they want to see the law revised. 37 percent said they want the law to […]

Health Care Reform and the Upcoming Election

Back in March, there were polls that that said 58% of Americans were against the passing of health care legislation. Today, more than 60% of Americans polled are in favor of repealing PPACA (health care reform). Health care is one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States today! Americans either think that […]

Health Care Funding for Mid Size Employers

Employers are struggling to find affordable financing alternatives for their company’s health care costs. In the small to mid size marketplace, limited options have left employers feeling as though there is no end in sight to annual rate increases. However, with an alternative approach to funding, businesses have the opportunity to gain control of health […]

Key Benefit Administrators and Preferred Health Group Announce Marketing Arrangement

Key Benefit Administrators, Inc. has announced that it has entered into an exclusive marketing agreement with Preferred Health Group, Inc to expand the Key Healthy Partners alternative funding program in the Southeast United States. Designed through a unique combination of underwriting, risk management and alternate funding, Key Healthy Partners allows businesses to offer an outstanding […]

Presenteeism And How To Deal With It

Presenteeism is a term that is used to define the measure of lost productivity due to employees being at work, but not being fully engaged and productive primarily because of personal health and life issue distractions. This leads to absenteeism from work either periodically or long-term. An additional cost that is difficult to measure is […]

New Critical Illness Insurance Survey Released

In our last post we talked about the importance of critical illness insurance and how it is a very important piece of a sound financial plan. A recent Metlife research study uncovers many facts that help support the importance of critical illness insurance. A critical illness, such as heart attack, cancer or a stroke, reduces […]

Critical Illness Insurance=Dignity

  With an aging population and increasing advances in medical technology, our health care system is soon going to become overburdened. People are surviving critical illnesses like never before and living longer and longer. There have always been three things in life that we need to plan for and protect ourselves from – dying too […]

Few Carriers Have Checked Data Even As CSA 2010 Deadline Approaches

Even though there are new regulations set to take place in December regarding fleet safety enforcement, very few trucking companies have taken action in completely understanding what the new regulations will require of them. Of the more than 500,000 trucking companies, only 13,000 have checked online at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to see what the fuss is all about and how they stand under the […]