Dental Care and Heart Disease

You may be wondering what your teeth have to do with heart disease. Well, the health of your teeth and gums has a lot to do with heart disease as reported by ongoing studies from many sources including the American Dental Association. These studies have shown increased risk for heart disease in people with periodontal […]

Report Reveals Key Issues for U.S. Companies on Health Care Reform

Here are the key findings from a recent Ernst and Young report concerning healthcare reform: Rising costs associated with health care in general as well as those which stem from compliance with the new health care reform law are key concerns for employers.  Thirty-four percent of respondents said their company’s biggest challenge or risk arising […]

Kirby Horton Elected to BBB Advisory Board

The Better Business Bureau of Middle Tennessee, Inc. has announced that Kirby Horton of Preferred Health Group, Inc. has been elected to the Better Business Bureau Williamson County Advisory Board effective January 1, 2011.   “Kirby Horton has demonstrated tremendous commitment to the Middle Tennessee business community and the BBB Williamson County Advisory Board is delighted to have […]

Big Problems For Medicare

You paid your Medicare taxes all those years and think you deserve full benefits after you retire. Nearly 60% of people surveyed in an AP poll felt that they paid into the system so their benefits shouldn’t be cut. However, a new financial analysis shows that what taxpayers have paid into the system doesn’t even […]

Five Fixes for Sleep Apnea

  1. Stay off your back Does your sleep apnea improve when you’re snoozing on your side? This is an old trick for preventing snorers from rolling onto their backs: Fill a tube sock with tennis balls and sew it onto the back of a relatively tight-fitting T-shirt. 2. Play the didgeridoo When sleep apnea […]

Common Causes of Depression

If you’re depressed, it might not be easy to figure out why. In most cases, depression doesn’t have a single cause. Instead, it results from a mix of things — your genes, events in your past, your current circumstances, and other risk factors. Here are a few of the things that can play a role […]