Stroke Warning Signs

Stroke warning signs include: Sudden numbness or weakness of the face, arm or leg, especially on one side of the body. Sudden confusion, trouble speaking or understanding. Sudden trouble seeing in one or both eyes. Sudden trouble walking, dizziness, loss of balance or coordination. Sudden, severe headache with no known cause. A stroke is a […]

COBRA and PPACA Update

Under PPACA there is a plethora of changes and dates to remember. If PPACA is repealed or de-funded, what will become of all of the provisions that we have to work with and comply with NOW? I don’t know. Here is a brief update on what you need to be doing with COBRA though.  Notice […]

Controversy Surrounds Study That Shows Drivers Have A Reduced Life Span

A new report released by The Department of Transportation claims that truck drivers have a reduced life expectancy than most other occupations. The head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration,  Anne Ferro and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood have stated that the life expectancy of an over-the-road truck driver is 16 years less than the rest of the population. However, there is […]

Disability Income For Truckers

Let’s face it; most of us work because we have to. We need the income we make to buy food, pay for utilities and housing and to care for our families. You may not realize the potential danger of becoming disabled. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that you have a one in five chance of […]

What is a Defined Benefit Medical Plan?

  A defined benefit medical plan utilizes a defined payment schedule for a wide variety of medical expenses. They pay out fixed amounts for things like daily hospital expenses, physician office visits, labs, etc. From the insurance company’s perspective, they do not care what is wrong with you, where you go for treatment, what treatment […]

What is Critical Illness Insurance?

  With an aging population, our Health Care System is going to become overburdened. With the advances in medicine, people will live longer and longer. There are three things in life we need to protect ourselves from – LIVING TOO LONG, DYING TOO SOON, or BECOMING SICK OR DISABLED. Critical Illness falls under Living Too […]