Taming COBRA

It is a confusing time for employers. There are a lot of misconceptions about what’s going on with health care reform, therefore, what is going on with COBRA. It is critical that you become informed and be prepared to in this area. To help get you started, here are the most common COBRA misconceptions linked […]

Will Congress Pass on Class?

What is CLASS?  The Community Living Assistance Services and Support Act establishes a new voluntary long-term care program for employees around the country.  It is not insurance, as it lacks many of the risk-management principles that term would entail.  It also lacks long-term financial viability, and this is why this portion of the PPACA must […]

Stopping the Financial Bleeding

The Wall Street Journal found that an alarming 75% of those who declared medical bankruptcy reported having health insurance.  Why are so many patients going bankrupt, even with health coverage?  Because as much as two-thirds of all costs related to critical illnesses are non-medical, including transportation to and from treatment, medically necessary renovations to a […]

Long Term Care Insurance…By the Numbers

1 in 3 -  The number of workers who will be faced with providing some form of long-term care for their boomer parents. 43%   -  The amount of overall LTC costs paid my Medicaid. 50%   -  The percentage of couples who spend their entire savings within one year of entering a nursing home. 75%   -  The percentage of single people who […]