Few Take Steps to Prevent Diabetes

An estimated 57 million Americans have pre-diabetes or higher-than-normal blood sugar.  That means they are likely to develop full-blown diabetes within 10 years.  Yet a recent national survey found that only one third of adults with pre-diabetes (also called borderline diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance and impaired fasting glucose) had been told by a doctor how […]

Negotiating Power

A couple of months ago at a symposium at AcademyHealth on the impact of market consolidation on the cost of health care, Robert Berenson provided an analysis of the effect of provider consolidation on negotiating power and health care prices.  Basically it showed that providers have been gaining market power recently. There are three main reasons […]

Gluten Free: Not Just a Fad

Gluten-free products are popping up in many places.  Grocery stores, coffee shops, and bakeries offer shelves of gluten-free muffins, cookies, and pastas.  Even European hotels, usually above catering to American food fads, add trays of gluten-free breads and rolls to their breakfast buffets to accommodate an apparently increasing number of people who seek to avoid […]

Chronic Conditions-A Growing Problem For The U.S. Healthcare System

The current U.S. health care system is not prepared financially to adequately meet the needs of the growing number of people with chronic conditions. Today, over half of all Americans live with a chronic condition; somewhere around 157 million. Patients with chronic conditions account for over 80% of total health care spending and patients with […]

Medical Centers Trending Now For Large Companies

The patient friendly plan many companies have adopted entails a large health center ran by physicians and nurses with a built in pharmacy. Health care is provided directly from doctors to patients here, saving middleman costs. The corporate in-house medical care is geared to cut absenteeism while reducing employee medical bills, which in turn yields […]

Heart-Related Conditions Top Claims on Critical Illness Policies

Heart and vascular conditions account for more than half of all claims paid on critical illness insurance policies in the United States.  Critical illness insurance pays a set amount to insured people when they’re diagnosed with or suffer heart attacks, cancer, strokes, coronary artery bypass surgery, major organ failure, transplants or other specified major medical […]

Credit Card Debt!

Every three minutes another person falls behind on credit card debt.  It’s no wonder, since every major credit card company has nearly doubled the minimum monthly payment on consumers’ bills.  Federal Regulators forced the change because of their concern about the growing mountain of consumer debt, which stands at $2.17 trillion.  Many consumers can only […]

Patient Prescription Non-Adherence

Up to 50% of U.S. patients are guilty of not taking their prescribed medicines. Patients either do so with the intention of noncompliance or unintentionally for various reasons. Purposefully ignoring prescriptions is likely a product of either cost or one’s own beliefs and mental attitude. When stubborn patients don’t agree with doctors in regards to […]

Retirement Benefits

Many businesses, including insurance firms, have had to reshape employee benefits due to the current economic turmoil. However, how much can be cut on vital plans such as retirement before employers become fed up and get out? A proper retirement plan should attract new employers and preserve current workers, all without major risk to the company, […]

Results Of Recent Survey Reveal How Employees View Health Care

Hewitt and the National Business Group on Health’s recent survey reveal five significant insights into how employees and their dependents view health care. In order to plan their company health care strategy, it is important to be aware of the results of the survey.  In spite of the fact that workers say they might know […]