Chronic Conditions-A Growing Problem For The U.S. Healthcare System

The current U.S. health care system is not prepared financially to adequately meet the needs of the growing number of people with chronic conditions. Today, over half of all Americans live with a chronic condition; somewhere around 157 million. Patients with chronic conditions account for over 80% of total health care spending and patients with five or more chronic conditions have an average of almost fifteen physician visits and fill over 50 prescriptions in a year. The impact of these conditions on the U.S. health care system and the individual is immense.

Early detection, patient education and support are the keys to getting the cost under control, improving outcomes and ultimately improving the quality of life for these patients. Patients can obtain and maintain optimal health by using principles of healthcare education and behavior modification. Attending physicians will need to have available patient specific information and data on nationally recognized standards. This will ensure that all of the patient’s treatments are aligned with an intervention plan that is designed to improve financial and clinical outcomes.