Michael Johnson

Michael Johnson has spent the last 8 years helping each and every one of his clients find quality health insurance. His history and experience enhances his ability to understand and empathize with his clients situations. He has a broad understanding of the most common problems the average person faces in acquiring quality health insurance coverage. Michael’s background of experience ranges from his service in the USAF to owning and operating his own business. Michael is a licensed pilot and flight engineer and enjoys piloting aircraft. His favorite thing to do is be with his family and enjoy outdoor recreation, camping, four wheeling, traveling and spending quality time with those he loves – family time is priority for him.

Matching an individual or family with the right plan while keeping premiums within their budget, is his specialty. His unique ability to succeed does not happen by accident. In order to meet this challenge Michael works with many insurance companies providing access to a great variety of insurance products which allows him to meet his client’s needs. Whether the goal is a very low premium or finding health insurance coverage for clients with, or who have had, serious pre-existing conditions, Michael can get it done!

Michael is managing director for the individual benefits division of Preferred Health Group, Inc. Email Michael