Guiding Principles and Vision Statement

Our Guiding Principles

  1. CLIENT FIRST - We will place the client’s needs ahead of our own.
  2. COMMITTED TO GROWTH - We are a growth-oriented sales organization.
  3. INTEGRITY – Our actions must pass the “light of day” test.
  4. PROFESSIONALISM - We will conduct all activities to project the highest level of professionalism.
  5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT - We expect all associates to be constantly vigilant for opportunities to improve our work processes and products, and proactive in implementing change.
  6. LEADERSHIP - We will attract, hire and retain the top available candidates and will provide the resources, opportunity and tools for our associates to develop to their maximum capability.
  7. TEAMWORK - We will create an environment that encourages and reinforces teamwork across our organization at every level.
  8. COMMUNITY COMMITMENTWe will encourage and support corporate and associate involvement in activities that improve our communities.

Vision Statement

We will operate in accordance with our Principles and recognize that we exist to serve our customers.

We will be recognized as the premier benefits firm to which others are compared.

Our clients will be fiercely loyal, as measured by a minimum retention rate of 95%.

Our associates will be fiercely loyal as measured by continuous improvement in our corporate culture survey and average tenure.

We will continue to invest in professional development so that we may be viewed by our clients as Trusted Advisors.