What is Critical Illness Insurance?


With an aging population, our Health Care System is going to become overburdened. With the advances in medicine, people will live longer and longer.

There are three things in life we need to protect ourselves from – LIVING TOO LONG, DYING TOO SOON, or BECOMING SICK OR DISABLED. Critical Illness falls under Living Too Long. This is where we are still alive, but have no money to enjoy our lives or afford proper care.

Critical Insurance Plans can give you coverage up to one million dollars (tax free) for any of the covered illnesses and has given millions of people the money they need in time of crisis in their lives. Unlike Disability Insurance that will pay you monthly while disabled, Critical Illness Insurance is paid out TO YOU once in a lump sum. There is no stipulation on how the money is spent. If you continue to work, you still get the one time payout in full. The average age of claimants is their early forty’s.