Disability Income For Truckers

Let’s face it; most of us work because we have to. We need the income we make to buy food, pay for utilities and housing and to care for our families. You may not realize the potential danger of becoming disabled. The U.S. Census Bureau estimates that you have a one in five chance of becoming disabled. Also, the average long-term disability (LTD) absence from work lasts 2.5 years, according to the Council for Disability Awareness (CDA). That’s a long time to survive without a steady income.

Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders—including neck and back pain, joint, muscle and tendon disorders and foot, ankle, and hand disorders—were the leading cause of new long-term disability claims in 2008, according to CDA claims data. Cancer ranked second among the primary causes.

Becoming disabled can have devastating financial implications by stripping you of your ability to make a living. While some people can get by without working for a few weeks by tapping into their savings or cutting back, few people can afford to stop working altogether for an extended period of time. Disability insurance for truckers isn’t an easy thing to get. A lot of insurance companies don’t care much for the industry and usually you have to take a medical exam.

We have developed a disability insurance program that was designed for truckers. You can learn more at Health Insurance for Truckers.