Health Care Reform and the Upcoming Election

Back in March, there were polls that that said 58% of Americans were against the passing of health care legislation. Today, more than 60% of Americans polled are in favor of repealing PPACA (health care reform). Health care is one of the most hotly debated issues in the United States today!

Americans either think that health care reform was a major leap forward to a more progressive society or that we took a major leap off the cliff and down the slippery slope towards socialism. A lot of people are angry; very angry.

They are angry because the economy still seems to be in a recession in spite of official government reports to the contrary. They are angry because they feel that there are decisions being made and laws enacted that appear to be impulsive and against the tide of public opinion.

In a few weeks we will go to the polls for an important election. Yes, all elections are important but this one will have quite an impact on America-America today and the America that our children and grand-children will inherit.

Health care will be one of the top issues that the newly elected congress will have to deal with. The sides are drawn and promises are being made. It is important that we all be involved in the process and not only elect those candidates that share the same values that we believe in but that we hold their feet to the fire and see to it that they represent us the way we want to be represented!