Health Plan Administration For Hospitals

When it comes to group medical benefits, hospitals are in a unique position. After all, not only are they the client but they are also the provider. On top of that, their employees are the consumers of the plan. Because of this uniqueness, it is not only important to completely understand the process the hospital has in place as a provider, but also to offer flexible benefit designs and administrative services that incorporate the employees needs and the hospital’s own health care expertise.

Evolutionary Care Management Solutions

Just about everyone will agree that the trend of increasing health-care costs is unsustainable and unacceptable. Resources that could be used for patient care, capital improvements or community outreach instead are frequently being wasted on inefficient health plans. We are committed to help impact every dollar our clients spend on health care. The majority of plan benefit dollars are spent on claim costs, which is a variable, so our main focus needs to be on implementing programs that directly impact that variable cost.

It is extremely important to proactively manage catastrophic events. The best and least expensive way to manage a claim is to prevent the claim from ever happening. Educating and involving individuals in the various components of their overall health is critical. The four components that need to be emphasized are care management, preventive health, patient advocacy and disease management.

Every member, not just those with high claims needs attention and assistance. By providing this assistance today, you help create loyalty, increase productivity and help reduce future claims cost. Preferred Health Group is committed to increasing overall plan member satisfaction and decreasing claims costs in every appropriate way. Services that are available and have proven to be effective cost saving tools include the following:

  • Disease Management (chronic conditions and rare conditions)
  • Transplant Programs
  • Wellness Programs
  • Medical Tourism
  • Prenatal/high risk pregnancy program
  • Web-based health education tools  
  • Tele-medicine
  • Behavioral health
  • Medical/pharmacy data coordination
  • Complementary alternative medicine

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