Medical Centers Trending Now For Large Companies

The patient friendly plan many companies have adopted entails a large health center ran by physicians and nurses with a built in pharmacy. Health care is provided directly from doctors to patients here, saving middleman costs.

The corporate in-house medical care is geared to cut absenteeism while reducing employee medical bills, which in turn yields healthier employees that make for a greater workforce. Large companies such as Disney, American Express, and NBC Universal have invested in centers where employees are offered medical care at small costs. The benefits for patients are clear:

  • Cost/Time efficient
  • Convenient
  • Family friendly
  • Reduced stress levels

The innovative medical centers do it all- from orthopedics to orthodontics in the same place. Skeptics wonder if quality of care is sacrificed, yet there seems to be a high level of satisfaction in the companies and employees alike. Praveen Samudrala is a software engineer and patient who spoke to LA Times: “It saves me a lot of time,” he said of the health center. “I don’t go to outside doctors anymore.”