New Employee Benefit Seeks to Assist Pet Owners

The Animal Health Alliance is a new, Cincinnati-based provider looking to promote pet health care as an employee benefit for businesses. For businesses, this could be provided as a new attractive benefit for employees.

Pet health care as a benefit is more often than not overlooked, yet proves to be extremely valuable for families with pets and is an innovative way to draw in pet owners as prospective employees.

Offering the same old hat benefits is easy, considering there isn’t a large spectrum of choices in the first place. For a business to offer such a beneficial new advantage is sharp, and can help bring in a new crowd of family oriented employees. For modern U.S families including pets, this benefit can be as helpful as standard health insurance, since it functions the same way.

Most families don’t account for unforeseen pet care issues, just as humans don’t count on disease or accidents; and that is what health care is for after all. So insuring pets just like we insure ourselves is a wise decision which could end up saving pet owners from costly veterinarian fees.