Physicals and Immunizations

Back-to-school check-ups provide a unique opportunity to monitor your child’s health and development from year to year.  Components of physicals vary according to age, but may include height and weight measurement; blood pressure check; hearing and vision testing; developmental assessment; and physical examination.  These appointments are an appropriate time to discuss any questions you may have regarding your child’s diet, physical activity, sleeping habits, or particular concerns pertinent to your child’s age.

For teenagers, it may be helpful to address adolescent issues such as alcohol and depression.  Physicals also provide an opportunity for a pediatrician to monitor a teenager’s emotional balance and self-esteem.

Forming an Important Relationship

Back-to-school physicals present an important opportunity for a child to begin to develop a personal relationship with his or her pediatrician.  This helps children develop a sense of control over their health and well-being.  For teenagers, physicals can further establish this relationship.