Post Election Review

Of all the issues in this year’s election, health care seemed to generate the most emotional debate. Democrats gambled on enacting a massive health care reform bill that has consistently generated negative results in the polls.

It might be said that the one issue the electorate spoke to on November 2, beyond the economy, was opposition to the new health care law. Republicans campaigned on its repeal, and there is no doubt they will attempt to fulfill that campaign promise. However, repeal is not going to happen while President Obama occupies the White House.

Republican options range from cutting off funding for many of the new initiatives to making targeted changes to the law, such as striking the individual mandate or the tax penalty for not buying insurance.

A lot of damage to the private health insurance industry has already been made. Products have been pulled from the market. Insurance companies have exited the business. There has been countless disruptions and well over a hundred million dollars spent in just consulting fees, legal  and accounting fees and basically just trying to understand the law. It is time to halt the hemorrhaging and repeal ObamaCare