Prescription Assistance For The Uninsured

Prescription medicine can be very expensive for individuals with prescription insurance coverage because of increasing co-pays that many health insurance plans are imposing. For individuals that are without health insurance the problem is even worse.

The problem is magnified because the individual without health insurance has to pay the full retail cost for the medicine without the benefit of big insurance company discounts. In addition to this, there is a strong correlation between a person’s insurance status and income. Generally the lower the income, the greater the likelihood the individual is uninsured.

Most of the major drug companies have programs that are designed to help uninsured individuals who meet certain income guidelines. These programs are known as Patient Assistance Programs.

Individuals can contact the Partnership for Prescription Assistance at for information about applying for the various programs. There is usually no cost if you do this yourself.

Some individuals however, find the task quite daunting; and it can be! Each drug company has specific forms and requirements and tracking the process can be difficult if there are multiple medications and/or physicians. This is where a patient advocacy firm can help.

Rx Help, a division of Preferred Health Group provides advocacy services for a fee for individuals who need help with the dizzying array of paperwork and requirements. In some ways, Rx Help performs like H&R Block.

Individuals can get the IRS tax forms from their local post office or at the IRS website and do their tax return themselves. H&R Block however, thrives because most individuals find the tax preparation process too complex.

For those individuals that have the ability and patience to tackle it themselves, is the place to start. For those patients that need an advocate to help them, Rx Help is here.

For more information about Patient Assistance Programs and Rx Help visit us at Prescription Help or call us at 866-960-9497