Mississippi Health Partnership

Many communities have specific health issues concerning their working uninsured. In the state of Mississippi our experienced professionals at Preferred Health Group, Inc have been able to develop a creative, non-traditional, and very effective program to address the issue of affordable health insurance for businesses.

The issues generally include:

Large number of working uninsured in the community
Uncompensated inpatient care for hospitals
Use of Emergency Rooms for non-emergency care
Reduced access to preventive care for families
Compromised health of employees for businesses
(Increased sick time or days off due to untreated illness)

Stakeholders impacted by these issues generally include:

Local hospitals
Physicians (and clinics)
Employees and their families
The entire community

The solution was to provide:

Affordable healthcare coverage
Direct reimbursement to healthcare providers
Onsite health screenings

To date, thousands of Mississippi workers who have never had health insurance before now have coverage. Businesses that had previously been priced out of the group health insurance market are now able to provide coverage to their employees for just pennies per hour.

How Does This Work?

The Problem

Problems for Families

  • Inability to pay hospital bills throws an increasing number of families into bankruptcy.
  • More than 50% of US bankruptcies are due to medical expenses affecting 2 million Americans every year.
  • Families lack dignity with no health insurance card to show at hospital admission and are less likely to seek medical care.
  • Employees are unable to build tenure with their employer as they continually search for a new job to find health coverage.

Problems for Businesses

  • Cost, cost, cost!! Group health insurance premiums average more than $3,300 or more than $1.50/hour for employee, and $8,600 or more than $4.00/hour for family.
  • Business owners experience increased turnover and find it difficult to recruit talent when unable to offer health coverage.
  • The health of the employee base is compromised.

Problems for Hospitals

  • Close to $50 billion in uncompensated healthcare services are provided by America’s hospitals and doctors to the uninsured.
  • On average, 8¢ of every $1 billed is collected by hospitals caring for the uninsured.
  • More people are losing insurance coverage with continued price increases in health benefits.
  • Uncompensated healthcare costs are exploding and expected to climb in coming years.

The Solution

The Mississippi Health Partnership is a program that involves 65 Mississippi hospitals, hundreds of primary care physicians and several A+ rated insurance companies. All of our plans are underwritten by highly rated carriers and include the following features:

  • Guarantee issue; no medical underwriting
  • No exclusions for pre-existing conditions
  • No pre-certification required
  • No deductibles or co-pays for hospitalization
  • No balance billing to patient
  • Employee premiums available for less than $150 monthly

Benefits Include

100% inpatient hospitalization coverage

  • Substance abuse
  • Skilled nursing
  • Mental illness
  • 4-tier prescription benefit
  • Physician Office Visits
  • supplemental accident
  • scheduled surgical benefits
  • wellness benefit