Prescription Assistance

Are You Or Someone You Know Struggling To Pay for Expensive Prescription Medicine?

We Can Help!

Did You Know….

  • 12% of all hospitalizations are due to patients not taking their medication!
  • The number one reason is cost!
  • Number of drugs ordered or provided in 2007: 1.9 billion
  • Percent of physicians visits involving drug therapy: 71%
  • Percent of persons using at least one prescription drug in the past month: 46.5%
  • Almost two-thirds of Americans currently use medicines
  • 32 million Americans are taking three or more medications daily

The Solution to Never Paying Retail Again?

At Preferred Health Group, Inc, we use three different tools to help you with the high cost of prescription medicine. These are:

  • Prescription Assistance – It is a little known fact that most of the pharmaceutical companies have programs to help patients who are without prescription drug coverage and meet certain income criteria. If you qualify, the medicine will be shipped directly to your home or your doctor’s office at no charge. Rx Help is a division of Preferred Health Group, Inc. Rx Help is a patient advocate company that helps patients search out these programs, complete the necessary paperwork and coordinate everything between the physician’s office, the patient, and the drug company. There is a small fee that is charged for this service.
  • Mail Order - We have an affiliation with a very reputable mail order pharmacy that provides great service and very attractive prices on brand name and generic prescription drugs. Community Drugs is a Canadian pharmacy that provides excellent service at prices that are very difficult to beat. Most of the orders are shipped from Canada but interestingly, these are the exact same drugs that are dispensed by your local pharmacy here in the United States; just for a lot less money!
  • Discount Drug Card – The easiest and simplest way to save money, however, it usually provides the least savings. Over 50,000 pharmacies nationwide have agreed to a negotiated rate. You are guaranteed to pay the negotiated rate or the current retail rate; whichever is less. Sometimes the negotiated rate is less; sometimes the pharmacies list price that day is lower. Either way, you know you are getting the best deal. When we are able to save the patient money, the average is 34%. There is no cost for the card. Click here: Discount Drug Card to download your free card today. You can also search for a pharmacy near you and it will even give you the price of your prescription. Now you can do your price shopping online before you have the prescription filled!