Promoting Employee Wellness In The Workplace

The numbers are shocking!  Close to seventy five percent of the healthcare dollars spent in the United States is on the treatment of chronic diseases. Many of these-asthma, obesity, certain types of diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are preventable. If Americans exercised more and ate healthier these numbers can be reduced substantially.

Companies can help themselves and their employees reduce the financial and human toll of these diseases by encouraging participation in physical activity, nutritional classes and encouraging annual flu shots.Wellness programs will help reduce health care cost, decrease illness, absenteeism and health insurance premiums.

One of the key methods of creating a successful wellness program is to make sure that the employees don’t feel that it is an extension of the workday. You want the employees to feel good about it and that it isn’t something they have to do for work.

Employee wellness should be a top priority from the top down. Lead by example! In order to maximumize the results of an employee wellness program,you need to maintain it and promote it year round. You can’t expect insurance premiums to go down and employee productivity to go up just because you conducted one health fair.