Quality of Medicaid Examined in Dental Care

According to recent studies, increasing the amount of Medicaid dental care has little to no change for the high numbers of disease in children. For example, the data shows that children covered by private insurance have rates of disease as low as 13%. Meanwhile, children ages 6-11 with Medicaid have faced more dental disease that uninsured families.

What could be more of a hassle than helper in terms of dental care is that the currently rising health care reform calls for a hefty expansion in Medicaid, so we can expect to see more of these kinds of numbers. This brings up a few vital questions- namely; will the uninsured really be better off enrolled in Medicaid? Our government is willing to spend billions to find out. Investing in the unknown is an extremely risky business maneuver, especially with the stakes so high (the U.S economy, health of the citizens, etc.)

Everything is copasetic for consumers of privately owned health insurance.

Although it is not fair to place priority of who should receive immediate care first by who can afford to not have Medicaid, unfortunately, that is the way the cookie is going to crumble through ‘ObamaCare’. There are quite a few unknowns for upcoming Medicaid plans.